Terms and conditions Enschede

1. Definitions.
Principal: the party who has commissioned the performance of work.
Contractor: Klusbakfiets Enschede, Kvknr: 84280484

2. Realization of agreement. 
The order/performance of work is confirmed when an appointment has been made by e-mail and confirmed by the customer or contractor. 

3. Prices.
1. The costs/hourly rates of the Klusbakfiets are € 42,00,- excl. VAT per hour depending on the job/assignment. The minimum order for a job is one hour. 
2. After the minimum of the first hour, you can pay per quarter of an hour. 
3. The time from departure from the office or previous job up to the (digital) signing of the work counts as working time, taking into account rule 2 of article 3.
4. Collecting materials also counts as working hours and will be charged on the invoice.
5. If you, as a customer, want to make an appointment with a handyman to discuss the work and / or to discuss an indication of the costs in advance. This will cost € 42,00, - excluding VAT. (after agreement of the job by the customer)
6. If you choose to have the Klusbakfiets take along equipment (scaffolding/ladders etc.) the costs will be charged to you.
7. When an indication of time or costs have been given beforehand, they do not count as a binding offer. The final invoice will be based on actual costs and hours.
An exception to this is when a clear quotation has been issued in advance by the contractor to the client.

4. Method of payment.
Payment for the work must be made within 5 working days after receiving the invoice.

5. End of the agreement.
The agreement is terminated when the (digital) signing has taken place and after payment has been made.

6. Waste.
The client is responsible for the processing/transport of waste, unless otherwise agreed. Disposal of waste and/or a container can be arranged in advance in consultation with the Klusbakfiets. The costs of this will then be charged to the client.

7. Cancellation.
a. If the customer is unable to perform the assignment, and/or is aware that the assignment cannot be carried out, the customer will be charged for one hour's wages, if not notified at least 48 hours in advance by e-mail.
b. If the Klusbakfiets is unable to perform, the Klusbakfiets will try to fulfill the assignment (appointment) at another time, in consultation with the client.

8. Warranty. 
For the guarantee the general legal conditions apply.

9. Disputes.
The parties will submit any disputes arising from this agreement or further agreements to the competent court.  

10. Dissolution of agreement.
The agreement may be dissolved if:
a. the assignment contains different information than agreed upon on the basis of information from the client,
b. unforeseen and not immediately (reasonably) foreseeable (dangerous) situations arise as a result of inaccurate information provided by the client.