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    No job is too big or too small for the handyman of De Klusbakfiets. With our cargo bike handyman service, we come to you. Painting, fixing skirting boards, replacing a lamp, hanging a painting or garden maintenance.

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De Klusbakfiets | the cargo bike handymen service

Before dawn, our cargo cyclists gather around the table. Over a cup of hot coffee or tea we meet each other and discuss not only the day ahead, but also what occupies us in life. Because we feel connected with each other and with the beautiful work we do, we hurry off and complete wonderful jobs. No job is too small or too big, we work with loving attention to achieve a sustainable result.

Every house has a list of chores that are long overdue. Sometimes it’s a matter of time that you don’t get around to it or it’s just that one job you are not very handy at. We all know what it's like and that is exactly why the Klusbakfiets exists. With a group of enthusiastic handymen we saw, drill and build all around. No long waiting list, but sustainable, nearby and inexpensive.

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